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Andreona has no limit to how many buffalo chicken wings she can eat. This thespian of a woman began doing comedy in Israel, talk about INTERNATIONAL! She now is taking Phoenix by it’s wings and is well known in the comedy scene. She has won multiple hula hoop contests in 3 different countries and once at see. Eye Eye Matey! When she’s not doing comedy you can find her in full costume at a local child’s birthday party.


April is really into vegan comfort foods like pizza and mac n’ cheese. This kooky fun gal loves spiders and can do over 40+ different celebrity impressions. Is that talent or schizophrenia?

Her parents think she is gay and her friends make fun of her for looking like a school teacher who murders. She is killing the Phoenix open mic scene right now and has done numerous performances in Los Angeles.

April is currently being featured on a radio show on Voice America. When she’s not doing comedy, she is living off of her father’s hard work, by living at home.

You can find Mr. Walterscheid’s Christmas tree watering product on Amazon, QVC and HSN.


Bubba really likes sandwiches and finds guilt in all pleasures.
He was once shot, but rose again like Jesus and is now a rising star in the Phoenix comedy scene.
You might of caught him at the Gold Rush Music Festival or on his awesome podcast “Hella Tired Podcast.” He hosts a weekly open mic with Tristian Bowling at the infamous Roman’s Oasis in Goodyear, Arizona. When he’s not performing comedy, he’s farming mushrooms.
And Ladies…don’t be fooled…those luscious locks are attached to his hat. Speaking of hats, cop one or some of his other merchandise on his clothing line “Vibe Cop”!


Dietrich is a steak and potatoes kind of guy, he doesn’t mind it a little bloody and prefers his gravy on the side. He is a little OCD about toilet paper, over not under, and carries a couple insecurities about binge watching reruns of “How I Met Your Mother” and his receding hair line, but his fashion sense makes up for it. Or does it? Dietrich produces a successful monthly show call “Wow He Said That” at The Concierge every 3rd Saturday of the month as well a bi-weekly open mic “Rant N’ Rave” on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. When he’s not performing he is cutting hair. Dietrich is also a veteran, we thank him for his service!



Jamal loves tacos so much that he posts multiple videos a week on his Instagram story of him eating tacos. Although he is very glutenous when it comes to tacos, he has remained skinny throughout his life, so skinny the wind might blow him away.

Jamal is a very likable guy, so likable that he showed up to

The Portland Comedy Festival and became the “Arc Angel” of the event with minimal effort. Jamal began performing stand up in

Los Angeles and now performs all over the Pacific Northwest. When he’s not doing comedy he’s teaching people how to rap and working on his novel. He also has an album called “Dive Bars” available on iTunes and streaming services.


Kate may not be a vegan but she can’t get enough of vegan carne asada nachos or BBC. She likes to spend her free time watching "Riverdale" because "it’s so bad, it’s good!" Kate performs both blue and clean comedy. She has currently picked up boxing during her weightloss journey so you may not want to mess with her! When she’s not performing she’s audio engineering.

She is very active in the Phoenix comedy scene and has some sketches coming soon. Keep an eye out for her!


Steve does not discriminate when it comes to french fries, you might even catch him at McDonald’s while on psychedelics. This lunk head might appear as a white dude but he’s actually half Spainard. He currently co-hosts a podcast called “Bedroom Radio” with Derek Releford. He also hosts a weekly open mic on Tuesdays at Gus’s New York Pizza in Goodyear, AZ. and on Thursday’s at Scale and Feather Meadery in Avondale, AZ. When he’s not doing comedy is helping individuals change their lives at his gym

Uriz Training Concepts.


Patrick doesn't eat, he relies soely on Grapefruit White Claw

for his daily calorie intake.

Quite frankly, it must be enough cause this perfect bitch is an all-star in the Phoenix Gay Flag Football League. He might be a bit a of jock but he is also quite the chess player. Mr. Aiken was a finalist in the All Star Comedy Throw Down at Sazerac. He hosts a very popular show called "Hell of Laugh" at Los Diablos in Phoenix every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. He was also a featured comedian at PHX Pride 2019.

When he's not doing comedy he's operating the globe and managing logistics...or something like that.


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