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Mike is steak & potatoes kind of guy.

He is often made fun of for being a Cincinnati sports fan, however he does not believe gym-ing.

He'd rather shuffle his M&M McFlurry's into his mouth in secrecy. Mike has made quite the name for himself in the Phoenix comedy circuit and now resides in Los Angeles where he co-stars and co-produces "This Week Sucks Tonight" featured monthly at the Comedy Store. He has also produced "Don't Tell Comedy" shows for the Phoenix region. But don't like him too much cause he is sooooo L.A. now.


If Lamar was on death row and about to order his last meal, he'd struggle choosing between cheeseburgers and tacos. Lamar is on a journey for love and happens to be quite the sketch artist. However, he is not perfect and well on his way to diabetes if doesn't stop his nasty habit of eating candy for dinner. Ladies, would you cook for him? Aside from doing comedy and opening up for comedians such as Lavelle Crawford, Lamar has spent the last 20+ years saving lives as a behavioral health counselor. Truly a Renassaince man! His company "We Major Productions" produces many comedy shows throughout phoenix, including "The Open Mic" at Stir Crazy Comedy Club the first Wednesday of every month. 


When Peter isn't rotting his teeth with sugar, he's stuffing his face with beans, chicken, fried steak, tortillas or lasagna. Is he Garfield in human form or just a human garbage disposal? We may never know. With a last name like Jordan, you'd think he'd be good at jumping hoops but in all reality he's just good at crunching numbers. After 10 years in professional finance he decided take his flat, white Mexican ass and weak ass hairline to the comedy club and become a funny guy! And a fungi he surely is! Be sure to catch him at the 2020 Bird City Comedy Festival in Phoenix, AZ.


Rich Vos has been in the comedy game since before millennials were born. Currently turned vegetarian, this Jersey Jewish jokester is not letting old age hold him back and stays in the gym consistently. If you are a hot 25 year old female, he might let you touch his chest after his comedy show, brownie points if you're Asian. Vos has been sober from drugs and alcohol 34 years and has learned to handle his anxiety in other ways. "My Wife Hates Me" is a hilarious podcast he co-hosts with his wife Bonnie McFarland and soon Vos will be announcing his upcoming project with Judd Apatow. Vos is currently touring on the SiriusXM "Kreeps With Kids Comedy Tour" with Robert Kelly, Ron Bennington and Jim Florentine.


Dana regularly visits Peter Piper Pizza and dips her slices in ranch. She tries to contain her farts until she is safe at home enjoying a good binge of "Rock of Love" or "Jersey Shore," but just like Tourette's, farts can come uncontrollably and often unexpected. She is learning how to embrace life and does so by singing "MMMBop" whenever she is feeling down. Dana comes from the world of Improv with an impressive resume. She co-produces an all women stand up/sketch comedy show with Courtney Wahlstrom called "The Bro Show," and has opened up for comedians such as Iliza Shlesinger. You may have also seen her and her entire family in the classic horror film  "Hannibal".


Tony has finally decided to return for his second session. He still spends way too much time watching Gilmore Girls over bowls of Jambalaya and you'll never catch him in sweatpants without a vest and tie. Tony is now currently single and wants the ladies to know that he can cook. With his comedy career on the upswing, Tony has reached a milestone and just recorded his first comedy album "Day Drinker" with Uproar Comedy, available this spring on Spotify.


Jon might call himself white trash because he grew up in a trailer park, has 5 kids and lived in the woods for 13 months, one week and four days, but he has quite a cultured taste for thai cuisine and low budget kung fu movies. Mr. Carden is one Phoenix comedian to look out for: he was named 98.7 KUPD's funniest comedian and opened for Frank Caliendo at Celebrity Theater. You can listen to his podcast "The White Trash Book Club" on all streaming platforms or catch his show "Triple Threat Tuesdays at Rick Bronson's House of Comedy, the first Tuesday of every month!

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